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Linda is NUMBER ONE!

She is such a professional.  She knew exactly how to stage our condo so that it would sell quickly.  She handled all the details swiftly and very efficiently.  In the meantime, she researched very extensively to find a new place that suites our needs, which was not the easiest thing to do.  She is such a hard worker, she worked very long hours with us, always smiling and she really cares about finding the perfect home for her clients.  She is very knowledgeable about the housing market and her advice is always spot on!  She develops a personal relationship with her clients and is always willing to accommodate her clients needs.  She is unlike every other Realtor we worked with before.  She is several steps above your average Realtor.  She really knows her job and as clients we totally trusted her judgment and experience.  We ended up with the perfect home for us.  Thanks Linda. 

Client - Sean

Thank you Linda for all you do!

My house was on the market with another Realtor for approximately 8 weeks and in my opinion a poor job was done with marketing.  It was over-priced, there had been no showings, my MLS photos were dark and did not capture all of the work that had been put into my home.   As well the MLS description was very poor.

In my frustration I terminated my contract with my existing agent and went on a search to find a professional Realtor who was able to get the job done and sell my house once and for all.

A friend of mine who is a mortgage broker recommended me to Linda James of Remax.  Linda returned my call within minutes of my leaving a voicemail message. After our phone conversation Linda arranged to meet with me within a very short time frame.

She arrived at my house with more than 20 market comparisons of houses and sales within my area to help determine an appropriate listing price.  In the days following when I was ready to sign the listing agreement she assisted me in staging my vacant home, using special lighting to take amazing photographs.   With my input she developed a very professional MLS description for publishing.

In addition to the above she also had brochures of my home made and distributed to a vast amount of sales professionals within her network and arranged for an immediate open house in the days following the listing.

Within five days of my house being listed I had between 7- 10 showings and an offer on day 5.

My initial offer fell through due to a buyer with cold feet, however, she did not hesitate to push past the set-back and immediately put my house back on the market only to have another offer come through the same week.

Linda was very professional with negotiations with the purchasing Realtor and the experience with the sale of my home was a very smooth transition.  Had I not hired Linda James I am certain my home would have still been sitting on the market today.

I would highly recommend Linda James to anyone looking to sell their home and when I am ready to sell and/or purchase another home again I will be contacting her.

Very Satisfied Client - Angela


My Son Thanks You Linda!

My son was still working in Afghanistan when he decided to buy a house.  He just told me that someone would contact me and show me some houses around Calgary.  Although I find buying a house very daunting, I wanted to help my son find his dream home.

When Linda contacted me, she already had a list of houses that met the features Neil was looking for.  This saved us lots of time since we only looked at the houses that really mattered.  I was overwhelmed with all the requirements needed to buy a new house but Linda guided me and helped me navigate through all the paperwork.  She helped me talk to the bank advisor so we could get the money for the down payment.  When it was time to contact the trades people, she was there with me to help choose the flooring, carpet, countertops, cabinets, lighting, appliances and more.  Her expertise was so valuable that I can honestly say she was the one that built my son’s dream home.

No matter how busy Linda was, she always took the time to answer my questions.  She never wavered through all the, almost impossible, requirements the builder needed to finalize the sale.  Linda was there with me every step of the way from the time I signed the first paper to the time my son took possession of his home.  Without her, this would have been very impossible to accomplish.  She is not only one of the best Realtors in the business but she is also a dream-giver. Linda made my son’s dream of owning a beautiful home possible.

I would recommend Linda to anybody who is seriously looking for their dream home.  Her expertise and extensive knowledge of the real estate business is beyond compare. 

Thank you so much Linda for all the help you gave us!  We will always be grateful for everything you have done for us.

Client’s Mother - Lucy


Linda James held my hand!

Linda helped me purchase my first home.  It’s a daunting task at best, but it was also in a town that I was not familiar and in a market that had talk of turning.  Linda immediately provided me with a handful of places that were ideal for me and my son in the area that I was looking for.  I literally only had to view one home in that list to know it was the one.  Linda found the sweet spot for negotiations to get to the price I needed to see.  Within 2 hours of looking at my soon-to-be new home, it was conditionally sold.  Not knowing where to go from here, Linda provided me with all the contacts for mortgage approval, home inspections and a list of maintenance companies I may need to contact in the future months.

After the inspection was complete there were things that needed negotiating.  The maintenance that needed to be done was above and beyond my abilities and Linda, knowing that I am a single mother, did everything that she could to ensure that my property would be move in ready.  She gave me advice on the maintenance on the furnace as well as the water being shut off until move in date (due to freezing), which are things that I wouldn’t have known myself. 

Linda was there for me from first contact until the move in date where I even had assistance from her family!  Talk about – going the extra mile!

I will work with Linda for all my future sales and purchases and am glad to now call her my friend!

I would recommend Linda to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. 

Client - Larissa


I Recommend Linda James!

After interviewing several Realtors, Linda James impressed us with her warm and caring demeanor and desire to realize the best possible value for our home.  She focused in a positive way on all our home’s finest attributes, revealed a strong knowledge of our neighborhood and surrounding area, and demonstrated emphasis to detail utilizing a variety of strategic visual and technological advertising techniques. 

Linda’s approach to the sale of our home exhibited a statistical understanding of the real estate market, trends and fluctuations.  We were delighted when Linda negotiated a wonderful closing to the sale of our home after only a brief time on the market.  It is with the utmost confidence we recommend Linda James’ expertise in the highly competitive real estate field. 

Clients - Rory & Lynda


I Recommend Linda James!

My fiancé and I had originally bought in the peak of 2008, literally weeks before the real estate crash and had spent the past 3 years meticulously renovating our home.  When we decided to sell we were uncertain on how to properly price our home (other than inflated purchase cost + upgrades) and were uneasy about selling in a sluggish 25% turnover market.

After initially contacting Linda she came to us prepared with a market analysis and a base estimated value of our home.  Subsequent to her initial home inspection, Linda recognized the additional value in all the fine details and began to find upgraded comparables outside of out neighborhood with the higher valued surrounding area.  Linda came to us with a price, which was much higher than our neighborhood average but still economically realistic and justifiable to the buying agents and their clients.

Once Linda was officially hired we proceeded with our first day of showings based on her revised pricing strategy.  By the end of the first day 5 business cards were left on the counter and we had received 3 offers, 2 of which were over-asking, beating precedents for the area.  The sale was done in a stagnant market and I firmly believe that we hit the sweet spot where we initiated high interest and consequently encouraged a feeding frenzy among buyers, achieving a higher price than we had anticipated.

In the end, we are completely satisfied with the final sale price, with net contributions even exceeding our initial expected FSBO estimates.  In addition, Linda saved us another $2000 when she caught a clause in (8.1) which could have been a negotiating point for the buyer.  We are quite happy with Linda’s professionalism, her actual ability to deliver and her eye on the real market, personally recommending her to anyone buying or selling a home.

Clients – Jen and Eric


Thank you for selling our home! 

We are so pleased with your professional, personal and sincere approach to showings, listing and selling our property.

Our home had been on the market twice before you took the listing, once for 6 months and once for 3 months.  With your team on board it sold within ten days and we had another offer as well!  In this market you not only sold the property quickly but also aha price we were pleased with.  Thank you again!

Clients - Pat and Larry 


We love our new house!

I had the privelege of working with Linda as my Realtor when looking to purchase a house in Calgary.  Linda's knowledge about real estate is multifaceted and she is most certainly able to do more than the average agent.  I appreciated her ability to advise me post home inspection and when a situation took place with financing, she was there to help and support me in every possible way.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Linda James to any person who is looking to buy or sell a home, as well as seek her service in any of my future real esate transactions.

My family and I can't thank her enough for her professionalism, expertise and hard work in helping us find our house in Calgary.  We love our home, the neighborhood and the community!

Client - Elchin and Yelena