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Wednesday, November 26, 2014 - Real Estate in Divorce - to sell or not to sell?

Divorce is one of the most difficult life experiences you could face in your lifetime.  With all the emotions revolving around children, lost love and finances, it is hard to keep emotions out of your decision-making.

My advice to you is DO NOT let the decision regarding your family home be one of those emotion-based decisions.  

Time and time again, when a couple divorces one party or even both parties are attached to the family home and will give up pretty much all financial security to obtain it in the settlement.   Often people grasp onto anything that is familiar in a place of unfamiliarity.  The family home signifies happiness and togetherness.  This asset reminds people of the life they had together.

This is the place where families were once happy, where kids have grown up.  It is only natural to have strong attachments to this possession.  

But that's what it is, a POSSESSION.  Sometimes holding onto this momentum of your life with your ex can put you and your children in a difficult position financially.   Coming up with a lump sum to buy your ex out of the mortgage is not an easy task to accomplish.

If you are faced with this difficult situation, there is only one question to ask: can you afford to live in this house with the new single person financial status you are going to become accustom to??

If not, you know what to do.  Split your valuables and part with your home.  Turn this difficult time in your life into a positive financial future by listing your property and making a lump sum to go towards a promising future.

Remember, the value is in the memories you made there and not the asset you made them in.

Divorce is hard enough without putting yourself in financial ruin.  If you are ready to make that step and list your house for sale in Calgary, contact a realtor soon.  The current Calgary market is a sellers market, but may change at any moment – so take a breath and take that step towards financial freedom and downsize today.  

To learn more about the current Calgary market – follow me on Facebook and educate yourself on what’s happening and when to strike while the market is hot!

Contact me today to move on to your new life and new home to build new memories in.

posted in General at Wed, 26 Nov 2014 03:02:02 +0000

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