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Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - Calgary Cycling in the City


As Spring invites us to get outside, what better way than to pull out the bike and hit the pathways around town.  Besides being a great way to commute, cycling is a great way to discover the city that can’t be done from behind the wheel.  Whether it’s an all day excursion or a leisurely spin on a warm evening, here are three great routes to check out:

1. Glenmore Reservoir
The beauty of this looped path is not only the the woods and water, but the Weaslehead area on the west end makes your forget that you are still within the city limits. The bonus is that you can start wherever you like.

2. Nose Hill Park
A protected peak in the north of town, this secluded area can include sightings of of deer, fox and the occasional coyote.  There are some hilly parts but much of it is open field without a glimpse of the city in sight.

3. Bow River Pathway
This route along Memorial Drive is one of the city’s most popular and many prefer to ride it at night.  Start from the zoo and head west toward the series of bridges – Langevin, Centre Street and Peace. Check out the backdrop of downtown against the river and cross the bridges at any point to loop your ride.

Bike Routes Help:
Bike Map app
City of Calgary pathway app published by the City of Calgary (free, no directions, iPhone only)

posted in General at Wed, 29 Apr 2015 18:45:30 +0000

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